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After the Peanut

Inspired by George Washington Carver, After the Peanut was created in 2014. After the Peanut is a solution driven company, focusing on the power of knowledge and education in the face of adversity and challenge. The core foundation is to transform communities by increasing equity in K-12 STEAM education. This is accomplished by providing innovative, forward thinking, and real world experiences. 



Summer STEAM

Choose from 8 engaging, hands-on and real world STEAM weeks for students in 3rd-12th grade. Our Summer STEAM Camp is one of a kind! Students do hands on activities daily, learn about STEAM Careers, go on field trips, meet STEAM mentors and much much more!

Lil Ag'

Lil Ag' University is a virtual STEAM program designed to help students in 4th-8th grade learn about urban agriculture through hands-on and engaging activities


Improve STEAM at your organization through our professional development opportunities! We offer customized seminars, webinars, trainings and hands-on STEAM training. 

After School Programs

We provide professional,  personal, and academically sound services for K-12 students. Our after school STEAM programs, group tutoring, homework help, and SAT PREP services can help enhance student's knowledge, boost confidence, create independent learners and close educational gaps.

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