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The STEM Unicorn

Dr. Natalie Coleman

An innovative leader with a passion to see equitable change.

Meet The STEM Unicorn

As a firm believer that all great achievements take time, I believe in long-term equitable solutions that will last through the next generations. I am dedicated to increasing access to STEAM for girls, Blacks, Latin-X, and other groups who are traditionally not in STEAM fields. Finally, creating globally competent educators and students is a staple tenet for all the work I do. This work leads to more equitable, diverse, and inclusionary practices which can ultimately allow our society to thrive, prosper, and grow.

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Areas of Expertise


Program Development





Speaking Egagements

"Being active in the community puts me in the places where I can make the deepest impact"

Natalie can collaboratively work with others to design, deliver, and evaluate curriculum ensuring equitable opportunities for all students. She’s an excellent public speaker with a facility for translating research and theory into practical application for teachers. She is not afraid to engage in difficult conversations with stakeholders about doing what is in the best interest of students, and does this with grace, empathy, and integrity

 - Hallie Brenczewski

Director of Programs and Operations
Professional Development Alliance

Dr. Coleman has a unique skill to lead educators and learners - supporting both. She's helped my company's volunteers find where and how we can best serve the local community. She has a mission, she has the tools and is leading the action to make it happen.

 - Kate Shafer

Mechanical Availability Lead
Exxon Mobil

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Dr. Coleman was recommended by a school family when the school was looking to start an after-school STEM club. During her first year working with my, she not only started the STEM club, but also taught middle school science for us. The students loved her class as it was hands on, engaging, and challenging. That was also evident in her STEM club. Her leadership skills allowed her to hire the right instructors to work alongside her in the after-school program. STEM club was by far the school’s largest after-school club

 - Matthew Kamien

Lansing Christian School

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